The best marketing team has access to different master resale right products, they simply rewrite the content, and sell them on your site. It’s really quite simple, find a popular product that is getting good reviews and make it your own. So simple you can actually do it yourself.

WorkingYou can get quality resale rights products for $10-80 each, that is the only investment you will need to make as far as money spent. There are other options I will discuss below.

Once you have the resale rights product, read it carefully. Rewrite the product if it’s in pdf, or just rewrite the word document if you get it in that format. Make sure your name is in the product for branding. Add your own affiliate links to the product to pick up some cheap affiliate sales. Once you rewrite the article, save your product in pdf format.

Now you can create a pre-sale page on a domain to use for selling your product. Or, you can just market your product through online channels with a link to your payment page, either or. Both methods work for me, but I tend to have higher conversions off of the sales page. It’s also a way to build your list: on the squeeze page give away a free product about the product you are selling. In the free product, include a link to your sales page for the product you are selling. Now you have that email address to market to for months.

Another excellent option is to tell your product on forums. There are a few major forums you can sell your product on. Take a look around at successful threads and mimic their sales letter, making sure not to copy every word. Set up your PayPal button to take payments, and make sure you offer a money back guarantee. Then, provide free review copies.

The internet marketing niche is an evergreen niche for this method. There will always be people trying to learn how to make money online. Another good niche is the SEO niche.