Boat Shopping on a Budget

If you are determined to buy a boat but you have a “less than limitless” budget, never fear, there are plenty of resources available to you that will allow you to find the perfect boat while keeping a few bucks in your pocket. The key here is being willing to be flexible, and if you can do that, the rest of your boats sale and boat buying experience will be easy.

Boats for Sale1. The Package Deal – There are thousands of boat owners who made the purchase last year and need to get out of the deal as soon as possible. Their mistake is going to be your reward, as many of these boat owners are willing to make a deal to get out from under. In most cases you can offer one price for everything, the boat, trailer, and all the accessories too. This package deal will save you thousands had you bought new.

2. Using Facebook Groups – Facebook has hundreds of groups just for boating enthusiasts, and you can search locally for your community so you have access to people in your town looking to sell their boats. Not only can you score some good deals, the boats are close enough that you can drive there and see them in person log before you make a decision. many times they are docked, so you can test drive them too.

3. Checking Online Auctions – Online auction sites like eBay have some great deals on boats too. The advantage for the buyer is that you determine your top price, then input into the auction that price. Even if the auction begins at $1, the bids will increase by a predetermined amount until it hits your number or you are the top bidder. You don’t have to do anything but wait for the good news.

4. The Good ‘Ole Classifieds – Your local newspaper is another great resource to get a boat for a great price. People who advertise in the paper want the boat sold fast, so you can use their sense of urgency to your advantage by coming in with an offer that is fair but still saves you a fortune had you gone out and bought the boat brand new instead. Be sure to shop around before falling in love with the first deal you come across. Some online listing websites offer you the opportunity to shop by brand such as a search Hatteras boats for sale, that will yield a great cost comparison of just one model and type of yacht or boat.

Now that you have all the tips for buying your boat on a budget, get out there and really enjoy the fruits of your labor, creating some memories on the water that will last a lifetime.