Using Client Engagement to Warm Up Your Cold Inept Mailing List

Do you currently have a cold mailing list, unresponsive, low open rates, even lower click through rates?

Don’t worry, most affiliate marketers suffer from that very same problem. Do you know what client engagement is?
It’s most likely that the reason your list is cold is because you have not effectively grown your relationship with them.

Here to discuss the main ways that you can warm up your list and help you improve on your poor email marketing results are some tips from our friends specializing in Charleston SEO over at

  • online SEO StrategyFirst, you have to inject some passion into your email subject lines.
  • Ask questions.
  • Try shock tactics to get people to start opening your messages.
  • Be very real with your subject line, ensure your email contents are relevant to minimize spam reports.
  • To improve your subject lines, check out popular sites so as Digg and mimic their headlines, or start a swipe file from more successful marketers and base yours on theirs.
  • Second, your email contents must be of value if you want to see an increase in client engagement.
  • There is no point getting a person to open your email if the contents are useless.
  • It is simply not good enough to send people on your email list promotion after promoting.
  • The 2 to 1 ratio is quite a popular method, which means you send 2 emails containing free, valuable information and the third email is a promotional email.
  • Make it easy for the reader to know what action to take. Imagine them being 6 years old, you need to hold their hands and direct them exactly what actions you want them to eventually take.
  • Always include a footnote. You know, oh by the way I forgot to mention type of stuff.
  • Try to write your emails as if you were talking to a friend, keep them friendly.
  • Story telling is highly effective too if you can take a real life situation and blend it into your email content.
  • Above all you should always be honest.
  • Never make false claims or lie in an email or you will experience the opposite of client engagement.
  • Keep it real!
  • Lastly, structure you email correctly. This is the most important part of the process.

Now you know biggest ways to improve you client engagement success, head over to your autoresponder and amend your current emails. This should not take you long, and you can split-test the results to see what i working and what is not.

One last point, know your numbers, most autoresponders provide very detailed statistics on open and click rates, be sure to monitor them and adjust if required.